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  • Food Packing, Cambridge and Cambridgeshire

    Packaging is our area of expertise, and as such we have our very own clean-room which provides us with the means to undertake hygienic food packing in Cambridge and Cambridgeshire.

    At Angoods, we understand the importance of providing and maintaining a sterile environment, especially when handling products such as foods and pharmaceutical products. By creating a hygienic environment which controls the risk of contamination, we are able to successfully assemble, wrap and package food products in a manner which ensures that they are safe for the consumer.

    High Quality Retail Packing

    In our hygienic clean-room we can guarantee that the entire packing process is completed with the utmost precision and care, taking into account the type of products we package. Past projects have included wholesale food packing and the packing of spoons, forks and utensils. Our highly trained staff use the latest equipment and techniques to ensure that quality is achieved throughout the entire packaging process. Not only do we have the resources to package your goods but we'll also assemble, wrap and label everything to ensure that it meets our in-house standards.

    Our food packing warehouse and clean-room in St. Ives allow us to offer food packing services of the highest standard in Cambridge and throughout Cambridgeshire. But packaging isn't all we do – here at Angoods we also have a 10,000sq. ft. warehouse which allows us to store your goods and we will monitor and dispatch them nationwide. For further details about any of our services, call us today on 01480 462 334.