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Top Fulfilment Services


Here at Angoods, we offer fulfilment services to businesses across Peterborough, Cambridge and the surrounding areas. Our all-round fulfilment service includes storing, monitoring, packing and delivery. We believe utilising fulfilment services like ours can drastically help any business in a number of ways.

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Lower Overheads

Fulfilment incorporates a lot of work which your business would otherwise have to handle independently. This of course includes storage (you would need to invest in warehouse facilities for your stock), IT technology to monitor supplies and delivery – either using your own vehicles or by utilising a courier company. It also cuts down on staff which would be required to monitor and guard the warehouse, pack your goods and deliver them. At Angoods, we have a 10,000 square foot warehouse, suitable for managing a great deal of stock, we have fully trained specialist staff and our own fleet of delivery vehicles. Our full service is available to you business at an extremely competitive price, allowing you to save on your overheads.

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Utilise Latest Technologies

Fulfilment is our speciality and as a result we work hard to stay at one step ahead of our competitors when it comes to equipment and technology. We utilise innovative computer systems to monitor your stock and will automatically notify you when they are depleted, so you know that you are always up to date.

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If your business is just starting up, you may not be sure how much stock you are likely to sell or how quickly. With our fulfilment services you can start small, but extend your contract with us to allow for more storage space as your business expands. All of our fulfilment packages are extremely flexible and tailor-made to your needs, so don’t be afraid to ask if you want to change your contract.

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Health and Safety

It’s important when storing and delivering goods to ensure this is carried out safely and securely. As we are responsible for a number of businesses’ stock, we make sure that our warehouse is secured and monitored at all times. We are also compliant with safety regulations when it comes to storing and packing food and pharmaceuticals; we have a specialist clean room for items which require extra care. This means that your business saves on training, and you don’t have to worry about keeping up with current legislation.

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Focus on what you do best

Perhaps most importantly, outsourcing your fulfilment needs and order processing allows you to concentrate on doing what you do best – running your business. You won’t need to worry about issues such as lack of storage or keeping on top of inventories, you’ll be free to concentrate on what’s important to you and your company, such as marketing, increasing sales and expanding your product range.

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How we can help?

Angoods offer fulfilment services across Peterborough, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire and the surrounding areas. For more information, please get in touch online or call us on 01480 462 334.